KeBaAB meeting in Velky Slavkov

They organized a wonderful weekend full of experiences and knowledge in a beautiful neighborhood of High Tatras in Veľký Slávkov. There were 20 of us, friends from LBG Košice, LBG Bratislava, LBG Brno and also a new KeBaB members from LBG Prague and LBG Vienna.

The way was long, so we tried to spend time the best we knew, with some games, talks and jokes. After arriving and unpacking in a nice pension Agrostav, we started to know each other through Get to Know Games and also continued on a U.F.O. crazy party that night.

Next day after breakfast and morning exercise to local shop, our hosts prepared great team building training by Júlia ÄŽumbalova to improve our relations. Best of all was an egg holder, which with Wipe´s help not a single one succeed.

Sun was shining, birds were singing so we made a decision to go on a tour to Hrebienok. Unfortunately we got lost. But we didn´t go back the way we came. We set off through the undergrowth, fallen trees and stream and finally found the right path. On the top of our trip we took a common picture and ride down by scooters. Tired and hungry also satisfied, we reached the pension and got some rest.

In the evening, there was a Discussion about our LBGs, future plans, mutual cooperation, which was positively ended with guitar and great songs. At least everything must have an end. After last breakfast, we packed our things, sad goodbye to everyone and run to catch the train back home.