Maximum excitement in 5 days or Motivation weekend Bratislava

8/13/2010 – Jaskyna mrtvych netopierov Cave, Dumbier  
We woke up early. Cave is situaited about hour and half walking on the way to Dumbier. That was already too much for me and I had not idea what else awaited me. There are no concrete sidewalks or trails in this cave. Extreme option how to explore this cave is caving. We chose basic option and not so dangerous. Though we had put on helmets on. It was cold inside but beautiful and totally worth of it. After that we finally reached the top of the Dumbier. I was surprised I managed to get there. In the evening rest of the group arrived.

08/14/2010 – Canoeing in Hron – Podbrezova 
22 participants. We got to the camp before lunchtime. We formed teams of two, listened to instructions, found our canoes and thanks god also life vests. Weather was splendid, a life vests became best friends for some of us (especially for me). Got no clue by what miracle we survived without any injuries till destination of this day. Although some pieces of equipment were taken to ocean.

08/15/2010 – Canoeing in Hron – Brezno 
8 dudes. Second day only the biggest nuts went on water. We jumped into canoes in Brezno and were enjoying lovely rainy day. Later that day when we went into heavy rain we stopped in a pub. Despite never ending rain we cheered up and full of regained energy we came back to canoes. At first I discovered that my raincoat is not dunking proof and than I tried this experiment about 10 times to be sure. Again magically we made it all to the finish line.

08/16/2010 –Skanzen, Cierny Balog, Camp Zelena voda
Though only 4 of us left, MW wasn’t even close to end. At least not for us. We checked the map looking for a interesting spot. Ideas like Balaton lake, Liptovska Mara, Domasa or Svidnik (who the hell would like to go Svidnik? – note from translator) was overwhelmed by Lesnicky skanzen in Cierny Balog. Weather was acceptable and the tour was more than nice. In the evening we decided to stay in Camp Zelena voda.

08/17/2010 – Beckov, Cachtice, Piestany
Unfortunately Beckov castle was closed due to reconstruction, but we found a lovely private skanzen. We read a lot of about castle’s and village’s history. Next stop was Cachticky castle. We have got here a lecture about infamous Cachtice’s lady (Cachticka pani) from supposedly well known historician Stiavnicky and we took 2 books about it with us to car. Castle left a cool dark impression and definitely I gotta come back.
In the evening we decided to ambush our BESTcollegue at her home in Piestany. We made a sighseeing in the town and drank some tee together…

08/18/2010 – Bratislava
Tired and destroyed we returned to reality called Bratislava