Another wonderfull weekend in High Tatras

Event started on Friday , October 2nd by arrival of all participants. After unpacking we planned whole MW. We were exhausted already from travelling so we spent the evening introducing each other and relaxing. There was 13 of us, lucky number indeed.  

After waking up on Saturday we had a breakfast together. In the beginning Benik,guest from Brno, introduced us BEST, its founding, goals, structure and plenty other information. Following trainer was Evit, our former president. Her presentation was about LBG Bratislava followed by discussion. After lunch we made a short walk to surrounding nature and played couple desk games. Three participants had to leave due to duties at the University but it didn’t prevent the rest to enjoy the weekend. 

In the evening a Presentation skills training took place. At first both trainers explained us topic and problems so we could try our own skills right away. It ran in two rounds so we could notice an improvement.  

One more exciting training was waiting for us on Sunday. It was Project management training. It was presented as a case study. We were supposed to organize a Cultural exchange. After couple of hours of hard work we found out how difficult is to make and follow a good plan. 

MW was awesome and I hope others liked it too and I hope we will meet on following BEST events.