Marketing days in Brno

It will be training focused on the work in graphic programmes like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. It seemed to be full of practic advices, creativity and innovative ideas, so we didn´t hesitate, took our laptops and let´s go to Brno.

We went to visit our Czech brothers not in so huge attendance, but in spite of that with big enthusiasm and good mood that couldn´t be broken even if our train was late. We made a solution and took another one with change in Breclav. Our team – Filip, MaÅ¥ka, Mirka and Zuzka was enriched by Slovak member of LBG Vienna Michal who joined us already at Train station in BA. 

Not so long time after our arrival in Brno we found their office. Majority of us saw these enormous space for the first time and in this state of amazement we were greeted by the main organizer Beny. He took us to his flat, where we had a little welcome party with Fil´s traditional Slovak liquid goodness while installing Adobe programmes. 

Next day we´ve started working. The topic of the day was vector graphics alias Illustrator training. After this workshop leaded by Beny, we gained a lot of information about colors, proportions and font. We enriched our experiences with drawing, modifying of picture and at least also retouching. The last one will be very usefull when we´ll try to mask our look on the photo from party to make us looking not too drunk. And what the nation we are if we don´t keep our Czechoslovak traditions? So we drunk some beer to strengthen ourselves and prepare for next day. That was about Photoshop and eventhough it was not unknown term for us, Pospa showed us how to make graphics quickly with style and in practical way there. 

Then our nice weekend turned into the end and we are very thankfull to LBG Brno and great organizers that gave us an usefull time. We hope that we´ll use the skills to liven up our promotial materials. Let´s meet more often at the events like this one.