Porto tasters

And so the first turn of events and our plans was there without any warning. A new, proper air ticket that he bought so early before the flight cost him 180€.


Our trip went well from an early beginning and we had some really good time on the train to Dolný Kubín, where we met other organizers and from where we then headed to the rest of the BEST members already accommodated in the rented cottage. And an interesting cottage it was indeed. Even the first glimpse at it suggested, that we will have to trust and hope in the fulfillment of a well-known saying: "good people will always find a place".

Make love, not proposals General Assembly 2010

Everything started with an official opening ceremonial. BESTies listened to companies presentations and speaches of important people, international president and organisers. They could use possibilities offered in jobfair, learn useful things during a workshop or experience participating on the engineering competition which most of them knew only from organiser’s point of view.

Regional Meeting Vienna

Where did it take place?
Not directly in Vienna – but in Laussa, a wonderful small mountain village in upper Austria. (Well, if you don’t believe me, you can judge by yourself, just go to: www.laussa.at )

Attention! Engineers at work or the 2nd Local Engineering Competition

I was really looking forward to the 2nd Local Engineering Competition on Thursday, 25.3.2010. One of the reasons, why I was looking forward to it so much, was also because I would see and experience it from a completely different point of view. To explain, I’d actively taken part in the 1st LEC as a contestant and had had a very good time with my team. This year was also special, because I had joined the Bratislava BEST group, thus when the time would come, I’d become an organizer of this fascinating event.

Touring monkey, the monkey has to sleep

We were assigned to a group with not the easiest opponents; ELAM, UPC and TLISNET. All our fears came real, when we once again witnessed the terrible loss to from the last year’s final with UPC. But we had to shake the despair and concentrate on the next match, which we truly intended to win, if we were to get the monkey back.


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