Theory vs. practicum, will we win again?!

Destiny wanted it that we met the team Phornoterm from the previous year in our group again. Then there were of course Coconuts and the team called Phoenix. Because there were 13 teams, organizers decided to make 2 groups of 3 teams and 1 group of 4 teams. As you may have noticed, BEST was supposed to play in a 4 team group, which was not very uplifting for several reasons, but the most obvious one – we didn’t have any substitutes.

Veszprem 2010

Lesson 1: Never rely on a Bulgarian bus schedule. Their buses tend to be delayed, sometimes even by 3 hours. :)

Summer experience in Brasov

Like most of BESTies, we also used opportunity to travel around Europe and our destination was Summer Course organised by LBG Brasov. Maybe you are wondering where Brasov is, so make it easier for you - it is in Central part of Romania.

Theory vs Praxis - Football tournament

Our cool team consisted of Marcel, MarekB, Lubo, Miso, wipe, Achmed and Dusan. Also i cannot forget about another cool part of our team. It was our fan club (Katka and Roman). Like any good fan club, they have prepared support banner.

Putovna opica 2009 - Luck wasn't on our side

Tournament system was simple: 2 groups, 3 teams. First 2 teams proceed to semifinal and winners  of semifinal to final. Our team misses some reinforcements but on the other hand we recruited some perspective new talents.

Central Regional meeting Horna Lehota

Despite the lack of time we were confident enough to prepare it perfectly. Central regional meeting is a meeting of BESTies from Central region which includes Local BEST Groups(LBGs) from the following cities: Vienna, Graz, Maribor, Ljubljana, Brno, Budapest, Veszprem, Zagreb, Timisoara and Prague. The aim of this event is to meet new people, share some experience and wisdom, and the last but not least to have a lot of fun.


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