Motivation weekend in Brno

BEST lovers from Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and of course Czech republic met in the forest near Brno Dam. Their main purpose was to find Best spirit,which is the inspiration for all BEST actions . And what´s that, actually? We can describe that with 5 simple words : flexibility, friendship, fun, improvement and learning. We can honestly say that we found it.

17th BEST anniversary

This year it was a little bit later, on November 6, and took place traditionally at student’s club Elam. It was not in Halloween spirit as traditionally in the past years, but having fun does not depend on decoration. Preparations went well, everything was prepared on time. Like always, we had a big birthday cake, it was a really nice one this time with our LBG logo in full color.

BEST President's meeting in Lviv aka PM 2.0

The main task of PM is to vote upon proposals that affect every LBG in Europe. For example, we vote whether there will be more participants on the course, how much money we will spend on International Engineering Competitions etc.. But it's not just about voting, discussing, sitting in the plenary room and listening to ideas, it's also about meeting new friends, having fun with them, absorbing new information at trainings, practising skills at workshops and meeting possible future employees at company day.

Putovná opica 2008 We are the champions

Football tournament Putovná Opica is well known in Mlynská dolina. Every year teams from ŠP, ŠKAS, IAESTE, ELAM, BEST, UPC, YNET and RUŠ strive to win the trophy. Every year the matches are of a higher quality. And every year we were getting higher and higher, and we were praying for the day when we will win. And that day finally came! This year we were prepared like never before, the monkey can prove it:).

Motivation day for new BESTies

Everything started Saturday morning, when I came to the meeting point and on my own surprise I was there alone. But , fortunately, not for long – after a little while Evit, our trainer, appeared and few minutes later also Luboš, Sandra, Mima, Ondro and Roman followed. So all observers who could come were there, our trainer too – the motivation could begin.

Regional meeting Ljubljana

Since I was going such a long way, I decided to go one day earlier so that I could actually see some of the country that I am visiting. I contacted my friend Erika from LBG Ljubljana. Half a year ago when she was in Bratislava, I showed her our town and promised to come to Ljubljana sometimes, so that she can take me around there. I knew practically nothing about Ljubljana. I saw that it has a really nice and quite big historic center...


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