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BEST Bratislava is trying, thanks to internation operation, to bring Europe nearer to students in Slovakia and assist the development of cultural awareness. BEST Bratislava is being guided by mission and vision of BEST organization and our goal is to provide students sufficient space for them to develop their skills and knowlege.


About BEST

We are part of international student organization BEST, which operates across whole Europe. Our local group resides in Bratislava and operates on ground of  Slovak University of Technology  

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BEST Bratislava

Whe have successfuly organized many different events on both local and international level. Our biggest projects are academic courses, that we successfuly organise since 1992. Besides the courses we also organise other, no less interesting, events, for example technical competition EBEC Bratislava, which first took place in 2009. Other projects are Training day, that is targeted on development of soft skills , which Best Bratislava organise in cooperation with IAESTE Bratislava, and career fair JobForum organised in collaboration with Študentský cech strojárov.

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Each of the courses has different theme from technical area, for example data processing, artificial intelligence, automotive industry, robotics or biomechanics. During the last year we organized summur course targeted on problems in education. Students from whole Europe adressed these problems together with our university, professors and various companies, which were interested in the theme.

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Man And The Machine A Digital Adventure

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinion.” – Grace Hopper

Accuracy was one thing man was trying to achieve ever since the evolution of mankind, but was never successful until the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Industry 4.0 with its splendid digital techniques is taking the mankind closer to perfection like never before.

Here is a chance for you to learn and discover the Digital Technologies used in Manufacturing while you enjoy an adventurous summer in Bratislava. It the capital city of Slovakia is set along the sides of Danube River which also has the 18th century old town will be more lively and breath-taking during the nights and also you can meet lovely Slovak peoples, discover the city

Hence BEST Bratislava brings you this opportunity from Slovak technical university mechanical faculty which has the longest history in teaching engineering subjects in Slovakia, its tradition is reflected by its excellent ranking among Slovak faculties and international reputations.

Basic Information

Kristína Poláková
tel.: 00421949395380

Simona Adamusová
tel.: 00421907567832



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