BEST Bratislava is trying, thanks to internation operation, to bring Europe nearer to students in Slovakia and assist the development of cultural awareness. Best Bratislava is being guided by mission and vision of BEST organization and our goal is to provide students sufficient space for them to develop their skills and knowlege.

About BEST

We are part of an international student organization BEST, which is spread across whole Europe. Our local group BEST Bratislava resides in Bratislava and operates on ground and with the support of Slovak University of Technology.  

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BEST Bratislava

We have successfully organized many different events on both local and international level. Our biggest projects are academic courses that we successfully organise since 1992. Besides the courses we also organise other, no less interesting, events, for example technical competition EBEC Bratislava, which first took place in 2009. Other projects are Training day, that is targeted on development of soft skills , which Best Bratislava organise in cooperation with IAESTE  Bratislava, and career fair JobForum organised in collaboration with Študentský cech strojárov.

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EBEC Challenge

EBEC challenge is the BEST Engineering Competition in Europe, conducted by students for students. Teams that are composed by 4 students from technology fields, regardless of status of their degree, are challenged to solve the tasks that are provided by BEST in 3 different competition levels. EBEC Challenge is a 2 — phased, team — based competition in 2 categories — Team Design and Case Study.


Team design

First DESIGN. Second ASSEMBLE. Third PRESENT! Show your creativity and skills in the Team Design category. Every group solves the given problem by constructing a functional model of the device within a given time limit from the provided material and using the tools at its disposal. The output is a presentation of the built equipment itself, its design concept and the process of solving the task in front of a professional jury.

Sign in with your 4-member team here: https://goo.gl/forms/uxDA0GTkeao4mvnm2
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Case study

First ANALYSE. Second FIGURE OUT. Third PRESENT! Do you enjoy looking for answers to technical questions? The Case Study category focuses on obtaining and evaluating information from available sources. The output is a hypothetical solution to the problem presented by the contestants in front of a professional jury.

Sign in with your 4-member team here: https://goo.gl/forms/uxDA0GTkeao4mvnm2
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  • Who can participate in the competition?

The competition is for all the students of Slovak University of Technology. Every student of bachelor and master studies can participate no matter of field of study.

  • Is it mandatory for one team to consist of the students from the same faculty?

No, for sure it is not! It is only mandatory that the team consist of 4 students of STU. So call your friends from different faculties and create the team!

  • What about the topic? When we will know what have to be solved?

Every team will receive the topic description with all the tasks which need to be solved and with all the materials needed for solving it in the morning of the competition day after short official opening.

  • How does the competition day look like?

Early in the morning there will be the registration following with the short opening. Afterwards the task will be presented and you will have time for all your task-related questions. After that you will have working time with coffeebreak, lunch, another coffeebreak. In the late afternoon you will finish your outcomes and prepare yourself for presenting the outcomes before the jury. After all the presentation short closing with announcement of the winner will hold.

  • What do I have to bring for the competition day?

It is recommended for every member of the team from Case Study category to bring their own laptop. For Team Design category laptop is not needed. Last but not the least bring your enthusiasm, good mood and competition spirit. You will receive all the rest important for the competition day from the organisers. Food and water included!

  • What about the jury? Is there any? If yes, who are the members of the jury?

Of course there is a jury! We are trying to invite people from the university and companies who are specialist in the field directly or related to the tasks to be members of the jury. Because they are the ones who are helping to create the tasks.



Are you looking for proactive students as possible future interns or/and employees, do you want to be more visible at the Slovak University of Technology or even other technical universities in Europe? We offer co-operation at our local and international events, where you can represent your company to STU students, get access to students CV’s database or be promoted annually in all STU faculties in Bratislava.

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Main organiser

EBEC challenge Bratislava

Dimitar Rilkov

+421 944 258 377



BEST Bratislava 

Richard Kopál

+421 904 420 590


Vice-president for corporate relations

BEST Bratislava 

Viktor Tóth

+421 944 285 436