Marketing days in Brno

It will be training focused on the work in graphic programmes like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. It seemed to be full of practic advices, creativity and innovative ideas, so we didn´t hesitate, took our laptops and let´s go to Brno.

Another wonderfull weekend in High Tatras

Event started on Friday , October 2nd by arrival of all participants. After unpacking we planned whole MW. We were exhausted already from travelling so we spent the evening introducing each other and relaxing. There was 13 of us, lucky number indeed.  

Maximum excitement in 5 days or Motivation weekend Bratislava

8/13/2010 – Jaskyna mrtvych netopierov Cave, Dumbier  

KeBaAB meeting in Velky Slavkov

They organized a wonderful weekend full of experiences and knowledge in a beautiful neighborhood of High Tatras in Veľký Slávkov. There were 20 of us, friends from LBG Košice, LBG Bratislava, LBG Brno and also a new KeBaB members from LBG Prague and LBG Vienna.

18th BEST anniversary

As the adulthood of our LBG had to be celebrated in a great style, nobody was against the theme of the party : "STUZKOVA" that took place in student's club ELAM on 5th of november.  As the date of party was appraoching ,everybody got excited and little bit nervous, but thanks to team work and willingness to help , we managed to arrange everything on time.

Office rebuild I-II-III...

As a temporary storage was used balcony and a studying room. Strong male BESTies took care of heave shelves and we girls washed the windows. It wasn’t as easy as we thought. We had to use heavy duty cleaners to get some satisfying results. After that guys started painting the walls. With running time our strength weakened so we had reinforce with a good wine. At some point we realized we can’t finish everything that day so we had to plan office rebuild II.


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